Velociraptor brand less-lethal compliance products are and designed to give police, military personnel, home owners and specific business employees safe, effective, and simple-to-use alternatives to existing compliance systems should an intruder or trespasser be encountered.

 Velociraptor ammunitions are all design protected, patented and name trademarked and have many key characteristics that are applicable to any situation where less-lethal force is an option and are made up of a combination of specialist designed parts including:

  1. Reusable Target Practice Specialist Projectiles (Velociraptor Projectile) for use in First Strike enabled Tiberias Arms Weapons. These include :
    1. Hard Head, Hard Flight (Red, Clear)
    2. Medium Head, Hard Flight (Black, Clear)
    3. Soft Head, Hard Flight (White, Clear)
    4. Hard Head Medium Flight (Red, Black)
    5. Medium Head, Medium Flight (Black, Black)
    6. Soft Head, Medium Flight (White, Black)
  2. Frangible head Inert Target Practice Specialist Projectiles for use in First Strike enabled Tiberias Arms Weapons.
  3. Frangible Head Marking Target Practice Specialist Projectiles for use in First Strike enabled Tiberias Arms Weapons.
  4. Frangible head Inhibiting Target Practice Specialist Projectiles for use in First Strike enabled Tiberias Arms Weapons.
  5. Velociraptor Tracerball. Frangible 0.68 glow in the dark paintballs used in any Paintball Marker which when energised by any Velociraptor stand alone Exciter (Velociraptor Exciter TM) can be used as a “night marking” mechanism.
  6. Velociraptor Tracer Inhibitor. A frangible 0.68 glow in the dark paintball filled with a Capsaicin mixture and usable in any paintball marker.
  7. Velociraptor Tracer Marker. A frangible 0.68 glow in the dark paintball filled with a marking paint mixture and usable in any paintball marker.


  • Are designed with serious target practice in mind and hence a number of the long distance, hard hitting projectiles are reusable.
  • Provide an alternative to lethal force.
  • Are affordable to the average home owner
  • Provide high kinetic energy (depending on fps setting) at point-blank range and must be used with discretion. These are not toys. Please see Velociraptor Terms and Conditions.
  • Can be utilised at high fps where normal paintballs will disintergrate and others deviate in flight
  • When used with the correct paintball marker, provide increased safety
  • Utilize a unique combination of kinetic impact, psychological shock, marking and tracking materials and Capsaicin powder to address the respective situation.
  • Allow suspect targeting ranges up to and in some cases over 100 feet
  • Can be used to fill the air with highly irritant substances at distances up to 100 feet
  • Can be quickly deployed when unanticipated situations arise
  • Different types of projectiles are available for training and tactical operations
  • Can withstand a rapid rate of fire that allows multiple target application

The Velociraptor components offers an alternative to lethal force in a variety of situations, including:

 Target Practice, Home, Business and Self Protection

The pain caused by the impact of a high velocity solid, hardhead, practice projectiles as well as the frangible head projectiles filled with various inhibiting and marking materials, including Capsaicin, is intense and can assist in the apprehension of uncooperative or violent suspects. As Velociraptor Projectiles strike and break apart, the resulting impact and material dispersion causes the perpetrator / intruder to experience the serious kinetic impact from the projectile as well as either being “marked” and or enveloped in a cloud of Capsaicin which irritates the eyes and enters the breathing passages providing greater opportunity for successful incident resolution.

 The Velociraptor Tracer has been designed for night applications. The aim is to be able to "mark and track and cause surrender" of the intruder even in the dark. The Velociraptor Tracer is frangible and can contain different componds including a tracking paint, a marking paint and a Capsaicin based pepper powder. A mixture of these Velociraptor tracers can be used in conjunction to not only mark the intruder but to enable the user of the paintball marker to force the intruder into giving away his location. 

The Velociraptor Hard and Medium Head Projectiles have the capability of breaking glass which when followed by Frangible Head Velociraptor Projectiles filled with Capsaicin, suspects in vehicles or other enclosures can be reached and inhibited.


A variety of patented Velociraptor Projectiles and Tracers have been developed over a long period of time to facilitate realistic training and role-play scenarios and allow low cost target practicing. There is no substitute for being prepared and knowing your paintball markers and how to use them, especially in a high stress, panic situation.