Less Than Lethal Weapons

Velociraptor cc takes a focus on the following scenarios

  1. Pure Target Practice
  2. Individual self defence
  3. Home defence
  4. Business Security
    1. Access Control
    2. IP Protection

Specialist Ammunitions

Shooting a paintball at velocities greater than 300 fps will most probably end in a "burst" of some kind where "paint" will create a mess in a paintball marker and or jam the working mechanism unless the "paintball" is of a solid nature such as glass filled nylon, rubber, plastic, ceramic. In a compromised situation, the individual must know that his / her paintball marker is going to "fire" and be as accurate as possible.

Velocirator brand "paintballs" are designed with paintball marker high velocity setting and hitting power in mind. The "fluted" projectiles are designed for use specifically in the Tiberius Arms First Strike Enabled Paintball Markers. These projectiles can withstand different velocities and "targets" depending on the mix of head and flight eg. the Velociraptor Eliminator Hard Head Hard Flight is made of a strong material for both the head and the flight and as a result can withstand high velocities (greater than 450 fps) and high impacts. The Velociraptor Soft Head Medium Flight is for a slower application and a "softer target".

The Velociraptor Tracer Projectiles and Balls are designed for use at night. The Velociraptor Tracers are "excited" via a standalone "Velociraptor Exciter" which, after exposing the respective projectiles and or balls for a short period prior to use are useable for up 1hour. The Tracer Projectiles are for use in the Tiberius Arms First Strike Enabled Paintball Markers and the Tracer Balls can be used in any standard 0.68 Paintball Marker as well as the Tiberius Arms First Strike Enabled Markers. The "heads" of the Tracer Projectiles can either be "solid" or "Frangible". The Frangible Tracer Projectile Heads can contain various componds including, Inert powder, Pepper (Capsaicin powder mix), marking paint and tracking paint.

Domestic and Commercial Security Consulting

Forewarned is to be prepared. Velociraptor provides consultancy to the home owner as well as business with the focus on forewarning methods and protection. Additionally within the business environment is the necessity to protect the business IP. Velociraptor cc provides consultancy to determine the "SWAT" of a business' IP.

ICT Full SDLC Project Management

Numerous Velociraptor cc personnel have had extenive exposure in the ICT environment covering every facet of the Full System Development Life Cycle, various Project Methodologies and Quality Management together with small to very large Project Management and Project Office Management (Program Management) detailed experience.