Velociraptor Eliminator Medium Head : Skin, Body Fat and Tissue Test

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Tests were carried out to determine the impact of Velociraptor Eliminator Medium Head Projectiles on simulated skin, body fat and tissue. Wet chamois leather simulates the skin, 4.8mm closed cell foam the body fat and 20% by mass gelatin, the tissue.

The Velociraptor Eliminator Medium Head Projectiles were fired from an SA-8 pistol at 400+ fps from a distance of 4.6m

It is evident that minor "skin" penetration took place. However, the projected energy into the body fat and tissue is clearly visible from the damage to the closed cell foam. No visible "dents" were made in the gelatin although a "shockwave" is evident.

Firing of these impact projectiles should therefore be limited to target practice only as serious internal body damage could result if used on a human target at close range.