Velociraptor Inhibitball (Pepper) Slow Motion Automatic Fire

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Slow motion video of Velociraptor Inhibitballs (Pepper) fired from a Tippmann A5 with response trigger. The target was situated 23.5m distant. This video only captured the first 3 seconds of fire. The last portion of the "shoot" is only evident by the "cover picture" of the target after the rapid fire / saturation test. It is evident from the target cover picture that good saturation of the target area can be achieved with ease using the Velociraptor Inhibitballs.

Tests have been carried out (please see other Velociraptor Video on this site) where the Velociraptor Inhibitballs have been fired at +/- 450fps from a SA8 pistol. Good flight stability and accuracy are maintained even at the higher velocities.